Success Stories


The following Testimonials are just a few from the very satisfied customers I have treated:

I have yet to meet a client that does not say how much better they feel after a session or course of coaching with me. Right from the beginning of my own RTT journey I knew that I had made the right decision as RTT is such an amazing force for healing and wellbeing. There have been many Testimonials to support this belief in myself and RTT.

"I would give 1 million stars if I could. Fay is fantastic and she makes you feel comfortable from the very beginning. Have suffered with anxiety for most of my life and after one session with Fay, my levels have massively dropped. I just wish I had gone to see her years ago. Thank you Fay for everything, would definitely recommend you to everyone."💜 Nessa

“You are such an absolute Sweetheart! I feel so taken care of by you. In just 20 minutes you’ve helped me gain more clarity and focus on what I truly want in my life. I felt really, really great and that was just following the consultation call!”. 

The following are more Testimonials for my services: 

“My son has never liked bedtimes and would take hours to fall asleep once putting him to bed. Fay kindly offered her services and I was happy to give it a go! During the session, Fay put my son at ease by introducing herself and getting to know his interests and making him laugh. He received a personalised bedtime recording and a surprise gift to enhance the effect of the recording which he loved. After a week or so, I was noticing the time between him going to bed and falling asleep was slowly reducing and his bedtime fears were alleviating. Fay gave continued support and encouragement after the session which was much appreciated"

M. P.  Yorkshire, UK

“For my first experience of RTT I couldn't have asked for a more comfortable experience than with Fay. Every step of the way was clearly explained and I knew I was in good hands from the beginning. I was made to feel at ease, I felt in complete control at all times and I really enjoyed the whole experience. I'm looking forward to reinforcing my session with the audio she provided and I feel confident in the new attitude and outlook I have gained from Fay's session.”

B. B. Wirral, UK

“I reached out to Fay to work through some weight issues that I’ve been struggling with for many years. Little did I know I was about to uncover and release the root of my problems starting from my childhood that I’ve carried with me for 30 odd years. From the ‘get go’ I felt extremely comfortable with Fay and was able to become completely transparent and open during our session. She has a calmness about her that’s indescribable and has the ability to make you feel at home and relaxed. Her voice will send you into deep hypnosis but you will still feel in complete control. Fay spoke truths that have helped rewire my thinking for the absolute better and benefit of my life and helped me release emotional weight off my shoulders that’s held me back all this time. I would recommend Fay to anybody who is wanting to explore RTT and to develop areas in order to become the best version of themselves. Thank you very much Fay for such an enlightening experience, you are truly wonderful!”

C. R. Vietnam

“Fay was a wonderful therapist and I really enjoyed our session. I felt very seen and understood by her and comfortable. The session we did was to focus on opening up new work opportunities where I feel more seen and valued, and only just a month or two later I have seen my work life start to grow with new offers that are very exciting! So grateful to Fay and our session and excited to see what comes next now that my attitude has changed toward my work!”

A. S. Mexico

“I came to see Fay for an issue regarding a lack of boundaries. I simply could not stand my ground and put myself first, especially in romantic relationships. Fay was so lovely and helped me feel at ease from the start. Her voice is very soothing and made me feel comfortable during the whole session. She guided me towards the root cause of this issue, and I was amazed at the realisation. It made so much sense and yet I had never thought about that possibility before. Fay held space for me to truly get the most out of the experience, and helped me reframe the beliefs I held so that I could step into my power. The bespoke recording she made for me was a breeze to listen to every night, and I truly felt shifts take place in my day to day life. I can now say that I stand my ground much more and my relationships are healthier than before. Thanks so much Fay, I cannot recommend you enough!” 

N. V. France

“Thank you Fay for beautifully guiding me back to myself.
Your patience and expertise helped me to see what’s been holding me back and more importantly, the cause of my anger and frustration. I feel ready and able to go forward in my life now with more calm and self belief, thanks to my inner cheer leader!
Thank you for helping me through this X”
L. C. UK

“I visited Fay for a RTT session to help me with confidence. She had no problem quickly getting me in a relaxed state for the hypnosis. The answers I received during our session was really helpful in to understanding the deep rooted issues around my lack of confidence. I found the session really relaxing and powerful in helping me resolve not just the confidence issue but other issues that related, I hadn’t realised until I experienced a RTT session with Fay. Fay had a great ability to put me at ease throughout the session and navigated the whole experience amazingly. I felt rapid results and have continued to grow on those results, with the help of having the recording of my session to replay.”

A. O. Farnborough, UK

“I started coaching sessions with Fay at a time that I was looking to establish a regular gym schedule that I could commit to. Fay helped me by supporting me to really see that the pressure I was placing on myself was not serving me and showing up in other lifestyle areas of my life too. I found the coaching experience to be empowering as I now feel comfortable making different choices with clarity and peace of mind whilst still meeting my exercise and lifestyle goals and aspirations. 

What I really enjoyed about Fay’s approach to coaching is her wonderful presence and her ability to offer a fresh perspective in an engaging way.

Fay has a wealth of knowledge and I felt truly inspired throughout our coaching journey together. I found the experience to be enriching. I am now able to enjoy the simple pleasures of other forms of exercise such as a beautiful walk in the countryside, with fresh eyes and awareness, recognising how much benefit this is bringing to my life overall. 

I would recommend Fay to anyone looking to work on their goals, big or small. Fay inspired me to make the desired changes in my life. My breakthrough insights have been further supported by a wonderful personalised recording that I can listen to anytime I need a reminder of the great groundwork that we covered. Fay's message of encouragement lifts me up, and I enjoy listening to her calm voice and allowing the relaxation and transformational recording  to set in. Fay is a true professional and I would highly recommend her approach to coaching.”
Thank you Fay, and best wishes.

L. G. Hereford, UK

“I came to Fay with the issue of lacking confidence in setting up my own business. I am truly grateful to Coach Fay for understanding very quickly what were the reasons, the root cause for the issue, she gently pointed out to me my patterns of thoughts and behaviour that I wasn’t aware of. And that helped me a lot to keep going and keep doing one step at a time every single day while setting up the business, it helped me believe I can do it. Fay has an incredible ability to summarise a seemingly complicated issue and make it look simple and clear. She brings an amazing feeling of clarity and focus to the problem which helps to effectively work on it and eventually solve it. Thank you dear Fay for listening, for understanding and for installing self-belief in me!”

M. P. Russia

“My daughter Savannah started a new school a couple of months ago and was really struggling with settling in. She was convinced nobody was like her, that she would never make any friends and came home every day saying she hated it. Feeling desperate I reached out to Fay who has totally transformed Savannah’s attitude, confidence and perception of schools. Fay made the most beautiful, personal recording for Savvy that she chose to listen to every night before she went to bed and still does, she loves it. I watched over the course of a few weeks her negativity and insecurity disappear and be replaced with the smiley confident happy girl we know, who now enjoys school, is full of enthusiasm and is really enjoying making some new friends. Amazing what can change so quickly. Thank you so much Fay! Fay is such a kind and thoughtful person and wonderful therapist who I highly recommend.”

S. L. Oxford, UK

“I had my second session with Fay. I must say this one really made a massive shift in me. Fay is the most professional, kind and easiest person to talk to. Made me feel so relaxed and I am looking forward to listening to my recording every day. Thank You Fay.”

T. O. Orpington, UK

Since I was a very young boy, I have suffered with night tremors, was scared, lacked confidence, was bullied and went right of the rails during my teen years. I managed to deal with these issues by day, but by night that was a very different story. My sleep issues and the nightmares have haunted me for over 40+ years, sometimes I have ended up in hospital through injuries incurred whilst asleep.

I was recommended to Fay to have RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) by a very good friend of mine who had like me daemons that needed to be faced that stemmed back to her childhood. This introduction to Fay was the best thing to happen to me (fact)….

I had two RTT sessions with Fay, and yes it was a game changer… and something I wished I had done many years ago. I cannot express how much of a better person I am and feel because of it. I am feeling free and in control of my inner self. I am feeling really good and the best I have felt in years (in fact all my life)… I am feeling on top of the world.

The sessions have been so positive in many ways; my sleeping is better, I nod off and have good dreams. I am calmer and don’t react to life’s dramas. I absorb positive vibes and don’t hold on to the negativity. I feel happier from within… Thank you so much….

For those of you that need help and like me have bottled up your daemons, or suffer with anxiety, have been bullied, traumatised or suffer with sleep issues – I strongly recommend Fay Hicks and RTT therapy. I have been a proud man all these years and thought I was able to deal with on my own, but inside have been scared to ask for help. If this is you then please reach out for help…Thank you again.

S. H. UK