Client Case Studies


Case Study 1

Claire Interview:

How did you feel before coming for RTT?
I wasn’t sure what to expect as I have never done RTT therapy before. It helped to have the introduction meeting with Fay as she explained about the process and what would happen, so I was able to prepare my environment and my mind. Which made me feel relaxed about the process.

How did you feel leading up to the session?
I felt completely at ease after the initial session. I was also given some general information and videos to watch beforehand which was great.

How was it during the session?
During the session I felt a mixture of emotions. It was a really positive process and allowed me to journey into past situations I have never really thought about before.

What was the Immediate effect of the session?
After the session I was a little tired and very at peace. I listened to the recording straight after and the next day as Fay suggested. And felt more reassured about myself.

How do you use the audio recording?
I use the recording regularly. At certain times of the day. I find before bed is a great time to listen to the recording as it helps calm my busy mind and put negative thoughts at bay.

Tell me a bit about your journey since RTT
I am fully aware that this is a working journey that involves me putting in the work to and challenging negative/ anxious thoughts. So to have a recording that has lots of reassuring affirmations is a fantastic tool.

How do you feel now that it is 4 months since your session?

I always want to me the best version of myself and always willing to try everything. I am very open to different forms of therapy. There are times when I still have to check myself, and realign but the fact I am aware of this is a positive thing. Having the audio there is really good as I can listen to it if doubts start to creep back in.

What do you think about RTT in general?
I really enjoyed the process and have found the whole therapy journey a very positive one. I was immediately comfortable with Fay which I think benefitted me. I feel that RTT has changed my life in a very significant way. I now feel more confident around people and in any situation really. I am so pleased to have cleared the anxiety that was holding me back for most of my life. I think you have to be open and trusting with your therapist to get the best from it.