What are RTT and RTC

What are RTT & RTC?

  • RTT is an advanced form of Hypnotherapy which incorporates; NLP, CBT, and Pyschotherapy into one therapy. This produces a ‘Rapid’, lasting, shift in how the subconscious organises thoughts and feelings allowing you to access higher levels of wellbeing
  • RTC will enable you to be clear on your goals and guide you towards making your own decisions and action plans with support and guidance to ensure you live life to the full
  • RTT and RTC are amazing healing methods individually, as a combination they provide the ultimate wellbeing package

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Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)® is an innovative mixture of Hypnotherapy, NLP, and CBT. Founded by Marisa Peer this new and exciting, multi-award-winning therapy has changed thousands of lives worldwide.

The premise for this Therapy, is that under hypnosis we are able to reach deep into our subconscious minds.
Here we often store memories, emotions and actions that are holding us back and preventing us from being our ‘best selves’.

During a session you will uncover and leave behind unhelpful core learned and disempowering negative beliefs. These are locked not just within your subconscious mind, but within every cell in your body. These subconscious beliefs inform and guide all of your day to day responses and are habitually reinforcing your restricting behaviours.

The sessions enable clients to free themselves from these harmful core beliefs and instil in their place positive and rejuvenating values and habits that will enhance their lives. 



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Rapid Transformational Coaching®, focuses on the future and working with the conscious mind. If you want pure coaching, then RTC is the Wellbeing coaching that you need. You don’t need to have RTT in order to get huge benefit from my coaching as I use the remarkable techniques I have been trained with to dig deep and help you to find answers to your issues with renewed clarity and focus. With the addition of RTC to your journey I can help move you toward your goals, supporting you to clear the obstacles in your way. If you want to be coached following the transformation you will make using RTT then RTC helps you move forward with what you have achieved. Coaching can focus on improving your physical and psychological health, wellbeing, career or relationships using clearly set out goals and aims. We can face your challenges and celebrate your successes together and you will feel fully supported and understood every step of the way.

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